About Us

Dallas Wholesale Forklift Co. is a national and international wholesaler of all types of forklift equipment. DWF was founded in 1975, and it has grown every year since.

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DWF always has a large variety of forklifts in inventory at our three-acre facility in Dallas, Texas. All forklifts are inspected and tested by our mechanics in order to supply our customers with an accurate condition report. DWF is proud to offer these services to you, our customers:


•Sales of forklifts.

•Purchase of used forklifts. No amount of forklifts is too small or large. Any location in the USA is acceptable.

•Appraisal service. We will appraise your forklifts, of any quantity, either over the phone or make arrangements to do so in person.

•Fleet management assistance.

•Storage and inspection at our facility in Dallas.

•Consignments of any type.